"Great things are done where men & mountains meet."

William Blake in 1793

The Global Wealth Fund is among the world’s elite private financial institutions. Imaginative & bold, we have financed many of history's innovations. Our portfolio includes investments spanning the globe in every major industry sector.
We believe human achievement requires five elements: vision, talent, opportunity, time and capital. Missing only a single element, would-be history makers are reduced to inconsequential actors. We are proud to provide these individuals and their respective companies with the most difficult element to assemble: the financial foundation upon which to execute a successful endeavour. When these endeavours are cultivated to their fullest potential, change becomes possible and humanity benefits by improved quality of life.
We operate exclusively in the sophisticated digital global economic market and have become one of the world’s largest private stakeholders. We also built the world’s first artificial intelligence trading desk. As world economies make the gradual generational transition to a digital existence, we will remain one of its most important players. Regardless of future political and socioeconomic strife, our financial ecosystem is secure and will remain viable in all circumstances, as it cannot be extinguished by outside forces. Our operating centres, scattered across the globe, are among the most highly-guarded secure private facilities on earth. Our mission to improve the future will never be halted. Our passion will never be extinguished. We bank the future.

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